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Tool data always at your fingertips

Cutting data and CAD models for day-to-day assistance

In addition to detailed cutting data we also offer 2D and 3D models to assist you with your tool management or for simulating an operation. All data for this Service2 is available for you in our Online Shop.

WNT Formulas – an app you can count on!

With WNT Formulas, calculating cutting data is child's play. The mobile app calculates all the values needed for setting up CNC machines.

With the introduction of the Formulas App from WNT, calculating cutting data has never been so quick, easy and unbelievably practical.

Users can now set up CNC machine cutting data correctly in no time at all as the Formulas App calculates the most important values for all conventional types of machining, directly on a tablet or smartphone giving customers cutting data on the go.

In line with the WNT commitment to service, the extremely useful and practical Formulas App is available free of charge. Additionally, the software has been streamlined to ensure extremely fast loading for immediate use. Machining technicians looking to make life easier can download WNT Formulas from the Apple Store for iOS devices 

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