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Antonio Botter, marathon (42.195)

Antonio Botter, marathon (42.195)

Antonio Botter with his children

Antonio Botter with Alessandor Paderi

3.8 Km swim, 180 Km biking, and a marathon (42.195) to finish it off was the challenge that faced WNT Technical Sales Representative Antonio Botter. On Sunday June 28th after 11 hours and 35 minutes Antonio crossed the finish line holding hands with his children to the words “You are an IRONMAN”.

As far as the triathlons are concerned the IRONMAN Austria is regarded as one of the most scenic and challenging on the circuit. Set in beautiful Carinthia, Austria the course covers a large area surrounding Lake Wörthersee.  Antonio set out to achieve his goal of becoming an IRONMAN more than a year in advance of this event. His gruelling training program had to be balanced with not only his family life but with his job as well.  In between visits to WNT customers all across northern Italy Antonio would run, bike and swim in every free moment not set aside for his wife and two children. 

WNT Italy employees, friends and family were all on hand to support Antonio and show their empathy for the WNT teammate. The fighting spirit and sportsmanship necessary to be the first WNT IRONMAN was clear to see in Antonio as well as his supporters.  WNT Italy Managing Director Alessandro Paderi ran alongside his employee at every opportunity offering words of encouragement and motivation. 

WNT is proud of Antonio’s achievement and performance. The Team WNT logo was worn with pride, visible to the thousands of fans and visitors at the popular event.  Team WNT congratulates Antonio and would like to say one more time….....


“Antonio….. You are an IRONMAN”


To view Antonio’s results and more on the event visit the link below.