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WNT Supports Students in Production of Race Car


The Infinity Racing Team of the University of Applied Sciences Kempten

The Infinity Racing Team from the Kempten University of Applied Sciences has set an ambitious goal of being frontrunners once again in the Formula Student motorsport competition.  To assist them in achieving this target the team turned to the company WNT for help and support.  The cutting tools specialist invited the Infinity Racing Team to a workshop in its Technical Center and helped the students to machine components that were used in the team’s race car Tomsoi VII.  What they experienced on that day can be seen in a video they released.

The project Formula Student is an international design competition for students requiring them to single-handedly design and manufacture a single-seat formula race car within the time frame of 1 year. The students from Kempten University of Applied Sciences have been participating annually since 2007 under the name Infinity Racing. The team presented its 7th version of the race car – Tomsoi VII – at the Memmingen Airport in June.  Approximately 50 students from many different faculties are working together as a team to cover the wide range of asks associated with a racing team:  From the development, construction and financing of the car, organizing participation in the races through to the marketing.   The mission of the students is clearly defined – make the most of the limited resources available to achieve the best possible result in this year’s competition.

The support of many sponsors is required to enable the team to cover the all the various activities that are necessary.  Two years ago Infinity Racing approached WNT about becoming partner that could provide high quality precision tools needed for the production of the car components.  This year WNT has gone a step further in supporting the skilled personnel of tomorrow by not only providing tools, but also inviting the design engineer students to an in-house workshop at the WNT Technical Center.   Andy Kuklinski, Team Leader for Technical Training, personally conducted the training on the milling machine and demonstrated some innovative machining strategies.  Since the construction plans were already available, the students machined some parts together with Kuklinski that were later built into the formula race car Tomsoi VII.

Thanks to the extensive support of their sponsors and their past experience, Infinity Racing is confident that this year the 7th generation racer will place on a couple of podiums.  Upcoming competitions take place at the Hockeheimring from July 28th till August 2nd as well as Spain in August and Italy in September.  We are keeping our fingers crossed for them!