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You can „count“ on the cutting tools from WNT!


With highest quality cutting tools you can always rely on WNT to provide productive, efficient and precise results. Now you can “count” with our tools. Try this little quiz utilizing the following premium cutting tools from WNT.

S-Cut End Mills: The S-Cut from WNT is much more powerful yet uses less energy and was therefore the deserved winner of the 2016 Hans-Jürgen Warnecke Innovation Prize.
Click here for further information and a product video.

WTX-Uni: It is the first solid carbide drill to receive the well-known “Dragonskin” coating technology from WNT which when compared to similar drills outperforms all others in terms of tool life and feed rates.
Click here for further information and a product video.

HCR1135-NM15: The -NF15 chip breaker has been developed specifically for maximum performance in finishing operations and completes the new generation of turning inserts for fine machining. Together with the -NM15 and -NM19 chip breakers, we now have a comprehensive product range that is easy to navigate and that Caters for all machining operations (F/M/R). Discover these cutting inserts at our WNT Online Shop.

Now let’s see if your calculations are correct. Here is the solution.