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“The folks from WNT come by not to annoy us but rather to help us!” (Karlheinz Nicolai)


WNT is so much more than “just” a tooling supplier. With expert knowledge and the ideal precision tools for each application, the cutting tools specialist succeeded in optimizing the metal cutting processes at the company Nicolai. As a result the production was improved and the quality of the CNC milled components increased significantly.

The company Nicolai was founded over 20 years ago by Karlheinz Nicolai in a converted farmhouse in the peaceful village of Lübbrechtsen. In an inconspicuous setting with an obsession with detail, great craftsmanship and welding skills, the experience of the passionate biker as well as the added ingredient of love, the roughly 25 employees here make some of the best bike frames in the world. 100% made in Germany. Each one is unique, hand-crafted and made to the specific wishes of each customer. WNT has been looking after the bike manufacturer since the beginning of 2016, delivering not only the required precision tools, but also optimizing the machining strategies for the complex metal cutting processes. Thanks to the service provided by WNT, the applications have been perfected and the productivity and quality of the manufactured parts significantly improved. The knowledge that it is always possible to find an effective machining solution together with WNT makes Nicolai even better at addressing the individual needs of customers.

“To overcome the daily challenges and problems, in particular machining problems, we need not only the best workers in-house but also the best external partners. WNT is a super partner, who repeatedly helps us here at our location to become better, to become faster and to produce even better quality”, says Karlheinz Nicolai. “We profit not only from the fast delivery times, but also from the know-how of the tooling specialist. As a result we are always getting better!”