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MonsterMill PCR-UNI plunge milling cutter


The MonsterMill PCR Uni plunge milling cutter, unashamedly named the “Divemaster”, is sure to be one of the highlights at the EMO. Why the MonsterMill PCR Uni is truly a champion among plunge milling cutters quickly becomes clear when you see the tool in use. The PCR is a true all-rounder that achieves high chip removal rates during roughing with four cutting edges and also produces an excellent surface finish as a finishing cutter. The conspicuously quiet running that ensures robust and precise machining processes is achieved thanks to the irregular pitch of the cutting edges and the irregular helix angle. Thanks to its outstanding properties (angled plunging, rapid centring owing to the patented centring tip and vibration-free ramping up to a ramping angle of 45°) the MonsterMill PCR UNI is the ultimate tool for machining steel, stainless steels and cast iron. The high process security afforded by the optimum chip clearance and the significantly shorter machining times – enabled by the high feed rates for HPC milling and drilling – are a key quality feature of the Divemaster.