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First win of the season for WNT-backed Red Mist Racing


Steve Hoult powering away from the start ahead of his double win at Oulton Broad in the British Formula 2 Powerboat Championship.

The second meeting of the year of the British Formula 2 powerboat championship saw the WNT Red Mist racing team take a well deserved first place on Oulton Broad, around a technical course.

The course laid out for the round at Oulton Broad near Lowestoft, Suffolk, looked deceptively simple, being just a two buoy set up. However it was more technical than appearances suggested, requiring pinpoint precision on each turn of the 15 laps.in order to achieve fast lap times over the three heats. For heat one WNT/Red Mist driver Steve Hoult was third on the starting grid separated in qualifying from pole position by just 0.16 seconds. With Colin Jelf, in pole position, making a poor start Steve found himself in second place behind Alan Marshall, a position he maintained to the chequered flag.

Heats two and three were held the following day in bright sunshine and light winds. With is result from the previous day Steve was second on the grid for heat two and superb start saw him leave Alan Marshall in his wake as he powered to the first corner. A strong challenge from Matt Palfryman saw him put in a determined effort to snatch victory from Steve in the WNT/Red Mist boat, but his efforts were in vain as Steve held on for his first win of the season.

Heading into the final heat Steve was sitting in pole position by virtue of his win in heat two, but the lack of success from this position by drivers in the previous heats increased the pressure for Steve. The concern was soon dispelled as the starter dropped his flag to start the race as Steve made another great start to ensure he rounded the first buoy in the lead. The challenge from behind from Colin Jelf and Matt Palfryman was relentless throughout the race, but Steve held off the challengers, taking his second chequered flag of the day to rapturous applause from the crowd.

As is traditional, after receiving his trophy and being acclaimed for his first F2 GP win, Steve was removed from the podium by his fellow competitors and thrown into Oulton Broad.