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An Ironman at Work and in Sport


Waking up early before work to go running, swimming tens of rounds during a lunch break and still finding time in the evening to get as many kilometers in on the bike as possible – the Technical Sales Engineer for WNT Italy, Antonio Botter, has set himself an ambitious goal which truly embodies the company values of his employer.  On June 28th he will be on the start-line of the IRONMAN Austria representing Team WNT.

The IRONMAN in Hawaii is recognized as the World Championship of long distance triathlon competition as well as the toughest.  To be able to participate in this prestigious event competitors have to qualify at one of the 41 racing series events that take place worldwide. One of these events will be held on June 28th 2015 in Klagenfurt, Austria and Antonio Botter is signed up.   “It has always been a dream for me to participate in the competition,” says the 44-year-old, “but I only decided to actually register for the event in June last year.”  The popular Italian Technical Sales Engineer knows well the challenges that participating in such a difficult competition brings with it as he has already participated in a number of triathlons – however this is his first IRONMAN.   He is well aware that he needs to be in top form in order to meet the extreme demands of this race and that means intensive training and preparation. It is a challenging task for Antonio to achieve this while not neglecting his family or his work, which he carries out with great commitment.  In order to manage this balancing act, he has come up with an elaborate training plan.  “I get up and hour earlier each morning and go to bed an hour later each night,” says the athlete.  He takes advantage of his lunch break to swim laps.  “There are three swimming pools in the region.  I always choose the swimming pool which is located closest to the customer I am visiting on that day to avoid losing time.”  Training with the bike is the most time consuming part, due to the distance of 180 km to be covered during the competition.   As a result he trains for this leg of the race mainly at the weekends.  For the running portion of the event Antonio trains either in the mornings or the evenings, depending on the day.

Antonio Botter’s employer WNT is supporting him in every way possible.   “We have decided not only to support Antonio by paying his registration fee, but also to provide a WNT branded bodysuit and helmet,” explains WNT Italy Managing Director, Alessandro Paderi, who had nothing but good things to say about his employee.  “Antonio is performing well at work in addition to taking on such a tough challenge and we greatly appreciate this.  Sportsmanship is one of the important values of our company“, says the Managing Director.      

On June 28th 2015 Antonio Botter will have the opportunity to put his training to the test in the most demanding challenge he has faced as an athlete.   It is up to him to prove that metal is not only part of his professional life, but that in sport he himself is a true IRONMAN.