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News about our products

News Cutting Tools 19/04/2017

Limerick Institute of Technology takes metalcutting training to the next level

Limerick Institute of Technology has close ties with the precision engineering sector, as a result it has constantly developed precision engineering...

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News Cutting Tools 11/04/2017

WNT has a new twist with MiniMill

WNT has announced an expansion of its range of MiniMill carbide grooving, back-chamfering and thread milling cutters.

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News Cutting Tools 31/03/2017

Problem solved at EH Thompson - with help from WNT

For a long-established machine shop, EH Thompson, which trades as Thompson Precision Engineering, doesn’t think of itself as an engineering business,...

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News Cutting Tools 23/03/2017

Nova completes the engineering triangle

West Sussex-based Nova Racing Transmissions is passionate about engineering and racing in equal measure, developing aftermarket transmission systems...

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News Cutting Tools 07/03/2017

Rapid response gives Bryken the edge

With customers spread across a wide range of industries, including yellow goods, telecoms, power distribution as well as a significant investment to...

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News Cutting Tools 06/03/2017

WNT supports Manufacturing Solutions Ireland

WNT’s already strong links with the manufacturing sector in Ireland will be enhanced with its participation at the Manufacturing Solutions Ireland...

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News Cutting Tools 10/02/2017

Going for Gold, Silver and Bronze – Electroimpact sweeps the board at World Skills UK finals

As a world leader in the design and manufacture of tooling and automation systems for aircraft production, Electroimpact places a strong emphasis on...

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News Cutting Tools 02/02/2017

Investment and WNT (UK) expertise paves the way to success for SPE

With over 30 years of steady, managed growth under its belt Staffordshire Precision Engineering had expanded to such an extent that its manufacturing...

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News Cutting Tools 23/01/2017

WNT pushes the boat out for local race

WNT (UK) has extended its support for the British Powerboat GP series with the announcement that it will be the race sponsor for the season finale on...

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News Cutting Tools 05/01/2017

WNT generates more forward motion with propeller project

As title sponsor of the WNT F2 powerboat team WNT (UK) has been applying its cutting tool knowledge and machines at its technical centres in the UK...

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News Cutting Tools 11/01/2017

Award-winning solid carbide milling cutter

The S-Cut from WNT wows the judges of the 24th Innovation Day and wins the 2016 Innovation Prize

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News Cutting Tools 08/12/2016

Successful Opening Ceremony for WNT China

The new WNT catalogue for China was published in October and the first orders quickly followed.

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News Cutting Tools 17/11/2016

Colour coding simplifies tap selection from WNT

WNT has adopted the VDI3323 standard of colour coding and applied it across its range of Mastertool Performance taps.

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News Cutting Tools 09/11/2016

Machine tool investment leads to workholding versatility for CNF Precision Engineering

CNF Precision Engineering has experienced significant growth over its 50 years driven in part by its willingness to invest in the latest machine tool...

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News Cutting Tools 28/10/2016

P J Hare presses ahead with help from WNT

With a history dating back to 1947 when the company was formed by Pat Hare, PJ Hare (Hare Presses) has evolved into the UK’s leading manufacturer of...

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News Cutting Tools 02/06/2016

HSS milling gets a complete overhaul by WNT

WNT has undertaken a complete review of its High Speed Steel (HSS) range of milling cutters with updates across the board and a selection of new...

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News Cutting Tools 22/09/2016

Pneumatic, magnetic, mechanical - innovative workpiece clamping from WNT

When manufacturing companies are looking for productivity gains to remain competitive their first options are often to review machine tool and cutting...

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News Cutting Tools 14/09/2016

“The folks from WNT come by not to annoy us but rather to help us!” (Karlheinz Nicolai)

WNT supports Nicolai in the manufacture of high quality bike frames

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News Cutting Tools 13/09/2016

Powerful milling cutter – S-Cut

With some product launches there is often a need to read the associated information several times in order to fully understand the benefits.

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News Cutting Tools 06/09/2016

WNT highlights its aerospace expertise at Advanced Engineering

In addition to a display of its extensive range of cutting tools for the general engineering sector, WNT (UK) will take advantage of its attendance at...

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News Cutting Tools 22/06/2016

The new evolution in trochoidal milling

New CircularLine CCR end mills from WNT increase efficiency with intelligent machining strategies

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News Cutting Tools 18/07/2016

Additive manufacturing helps WNT scale down high pressure hydraulic chuck technology

Precise gripping of small diameter cutters has been the domain of shrink fit for many years. Now, with the application of additive manufacturing...

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News Cutting Tools 18/05/2016

WNT’s expertise in titanium machining creates high-speed bolts

With just one race of the season gone the Team WNT F2 powerboat team remains focused on improving the performance of its boat, with help from team...

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News Cutting Tools 13/05/2016

Your most important tool for machining - the new WNT Catalogue

With over 50,000 tools exclusively for metal-cutting applications, the new WNT catalogue, launched on the 1st June 2016, is a ‘must-have’ for all...

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News Cutting Tools 09/05/2016

WNT launches damped boring bar range

WNT (UK) has announced the arrival of a new range of vibration-damped boring bars with the added benefit of an internal coolant supply.

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F2 Powerboat 03/05/2016

Team WNT F2 all set to defend championship

With an all-new livery and several newly machined components, Team WNT F2 and driver Steve Hoult is all set to defend the British Formula 2 Powerboat...

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News Cutting Tools 26/04/2016

WNT brings cutting tool updates and applications knowledge to Subcon

Subcon 2016, which takes place at the National Exhibition Centre over the 7–9 June, is the ideal opportunity for exhibitors and visitors

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News Cutting Tools 07/04/2016

90 degree shoulder milling will never be the same again!

The new double-sided 90 degree shoulder milling system from WNT maximises productivity by having eight useable cutting edges per insert.

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News Cutting Tools 21/03/2016

WNT’s C900 HighFeedDrills benefit from a Dragonskin performance upgrade

The C900 High Feed Drill from WNT was already setting the benchmark for indexable insert hole machining performance and productivity, now with the...

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News Cutting Tools 01/03/2016

Cermet development from WNT boosts performance and process security

WNT’s range of cermet inserts has just been enhanced with the arrival of new grades for turning and milling. The new cermets combine the latest...

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News Cutting Tools 18/02/2016

EDM specialist is now an all-rounder thanks to investment and tooling strategies

Back in 2002 A&M EDM, started with the ambition to be ‘the best’ sub-contract EDM company in the UK and it achieved its aim.

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News Cutting Tools 03/02/2016

Precise and to the point coolant delivery with WNT’s DirectCooling DC-SX grooving system

MACH 2016 Stand: 5641

The process of grooving and parting difficult materials exposes the edges of the parting

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F2 Powerboat 22/01/2016

Team WNT F2 Racing pulls together for more performance in 2016

Not resting on their laurels of being the 2015 British Formula 2 Powerboat champions,

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News Cutting Tools 12/01/2016

Increase machine utilisation with improved workholding set-ups

WNT’s workholding systems are proving to be highly productive by allowing greatly reduced set-up times and maximising the machine tool’s capacity...

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News Cutting Tools 07/01/2016

WNT highlights new products and the benefits of applications knowledge at MACH

In the two years since the previous MACH exhibition much has changed at WNT and MACH 2016 provides the perfect platform to highlight the benefits of...

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News Cutting Tools 07/01/2016

Talon and WNT partnership puts Ariel in the frame

Second generation business Talon Engineering is a world leader in the manufacture of sprockets,

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The raw billet and finished machined head tube and as part of the finished Empire VX8

News Team WNT 14/12/2015

WNT creativity gives Empire five-axis capability on three-axis vertical machining centre

Having already received extensive product and technical support from WNT (UK) in the development of its high specification off road cycles, including...

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News Cutting Tools 02/12/2015

Keep it short with WNT High Feed drills

WNT (UK)’s high-performance, indexable insert drilling system, the C900 High Feed Drill has been further developed to enable customers to maximise...

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News Cutting Tools 25/11/2015

Workholding provides multi-pallet, multi-axis, solution for R&G Precision Engineering

When Wellingborough-based R&G Precision took its first steps into full five axis machining with an investment in a Matsuura MAM 72-35V, it turned to...

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News Cutting Tools 27/10/2015

Change of strategy brings productivity boost

BDL Tool & Die Engineering’s is transforming itself from a specialist manufacturer of specialist fastener dies into a full service sub-contract...

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News Cutting Tools 19/10/2015

Full speed ahead with WTX Feed

The latest drilling development from WNT (UK) – The WTX FEED guarantees improved feed rates thanks to its three flute geometry.

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News Cutting Tools 16/09/2015

WNT rings the changes with its WTX Change drilling system

WNT (UK) has announced further additions to its already extensive WTX Change series of replaceable carbide drill heads.

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News Cutting Tools 25/08/2015

WNT migrates Dragonskin coating to rotating tools

Since the introduction of the Dragonskin coating for indexable cutting inserts, the advantages of WNT’s innovative coating technology have become...

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News Cutting Tools 04/09/2015

New products and enhanced customer support from WNT (UK)

Advanced Engineering Stand E23

The machining of high value components across various industry sectors is a growing aspect of the UK manufacturing...

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News Cutting Tools 24/08/2015

HCR 1325 grade completes WNT’s parting and grooving range

With the introduction of its new HCR 1325 grade WNT has fully updated its parting and grooving insert range with its innovative Dragonskin coating.

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News Cutting Tools 22/07/2015

WNT Type W cutters maximise performance for light alloy machining

The new Type W solid carbide cutters from WNT (UK) have been designed for high performance machining of aluminium and other light alloys.

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News Cutting Tools 14/07/2015

50x diameter drills take WNT’s range to new extremes

WNT’s range of WTX solid carbide drills has been developed further with the introduction of drills up to 50 x diameter for drilling steel and cast...

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News Cutting Tools 16/06/2015

WNT adds to process security with new collet range

WNT has introduced a new range of precision collets that will enhance process security by eliminating any risk of cutters ‘pulling out’ under cutting...

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News Cutting Tools 19/05/2015

New milling range creates entry point for high performance milling

WNT (UK)’s latest introduction is a new range of four-flute solid carbide milling cutters that create a solution for those companies wanting to...

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News Cutting Tools 18/05/2015

A New Dimension in Milling!

WNT presents milling grades with the innovative Dragonskin coating.

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News Cutting Tools 13/05/2015

An Innovation that will turn Heads

The New Digital Fine Boring System – Exclusive to WNT

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News Cutting Tools 12/05/2015

Cutting tool training pays dividends at Pneumatrol

Established over 50 years ago Lancashire-based Pneumatrol has become a leading manufacturer and solution provider of pneumatic and electro-magnetic...

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News Cutting Tools 22/04/2015

WTX-180 drills bring a different approach to hole production

WNT’s WTX-180 solid carbide drills are shaking up the way in which its customer view hole production thanks to the novel drill geometry and...

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News Cutting Tools 17/04/2015

WNT takes its productivity message to Subcon

WNT (UK) will be focussing its activities at the forthcoming Subcon Show (2 - 4 June 2015 at the National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham)

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News Cutting Tools 16/04/2015

Working to make a dream come true

When Dean Reynolds left his job as a service manager at a machine tool company to set up Milton Keynes-based Reynolds Engineering in 1993 as a...

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News Cutting Tools 05/03/2015

WNT invests to make carbide greener

WNT (UK) has announced a group wide recycling service to customers using carbide tooling. The group had made a major investment at its group...

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News Cutting Tools 05/02/2015

ZSG4 Vice for high precision and process security

The new ZSG4 centric vice system from WNT (UK) is a highly versatile workholding system that can be equipped with a multitude of jaw combinations,...

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News Cutting Tools 30/01/2015

Deep hole drilling just got deeper with WNT

WNT’s range of WTX solid carbide drills has, literally, been extended to encompass drills with flute lengths of 16 and 25 times diameter as standard.

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News Cutting Tools 19/12/2014

WNT’s digital fine boring system makes micron adjustments easy

WNT (UK) has added an innovative digital solution to the age old problem of controlling fine adjustments on boring heads to its catalogue.

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News Cutting Tools 16/12/2014

WNT highlights tooling innovation at Southern Manufacturing

WNT (UK) will highlight a number of innovative cutting tool developments on stand S98 at Southern Manufacturing.

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News Cutting Tools 01/12/2014

WNT helps slash cycle time for BD Precision Engineers

When Leighton Buzzard-based BD Precision Engineers was presented with a machining challenge by a long-standing customer, it became apparent that its...

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News Cutting Tools 20/10/2014

Dragonskin XU chipbreaker breathes fire into turning applications

The ongoing development of WNT’s Dragonskin range of coating technology continues with the arrival of a new range of turning inserts with an...

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News Cutting Tools 01/10/2014

WNT Restart Regrind Service

WNT Restart regrind service puts life back into worn cutting tools

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News Cutting Tools 07/10/2014

A legend returns ...

The myth and legend of the strength and indestructibility of Dragonskin are as old as mankind.

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News Cutting Tools 02/09/2014

The next generation of coating technology

WNT's new Dragonskin coating technology offers maximum protection against wear and tear with an impenetrable layer for even the toughest requirements.

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