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Three cutting edges for even more power

WNT has combined the best of two established products: the enormous feed force of the WTX – Feed with the cost-effectiveness of the WTX – Change. With the new WTX – Change Feed, we present the first three-edged exchangeable head system, which is sure to impress through its dynamism, performance and precision – even under the most adverse drilling conditions.


Maximum performance

  • 50% – 100% higher feed
    Thanks to three cutting edges
  • High Process Security
    Proven Hirth coupling
  • Durable base body
    Hardened holder
  • Maximum positioning accuracy
    Self-centering chisel edge

  • Angled drilling up to 6° possible

The first three-edged exchangeable head drilling system on the market boasts universal application options and a long service life thanks to high-quality materials

Felix Meggle, WNT Product Manager Drills

Practical test

Material:      42CrMo4
Diameter:     18 mm
Hole depth:  90 mm

Cutting dataWTX – Change FeedCompetitor product
Two fluted exchangeable head system
vc in m/min90


f in mm/U0,550,34
vf in mm/min876 (+33%)662

Tool life in m

Machining Time

Owing to the high feeds of the WTX – Change Feed, the machining time has been significantly reduced. A mere 41 minutes was required for these 400 holes to be produced in the practical test.