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Type overview – WTX High performance drilling tools

  • Good self-centring
  • Optimum swarf control
  • Precise radial run-out
  • Excellent alignment precision
  • High-quality surface finish
  • Close drilling tolerances
  • Limited hardening of peripheral zones of the material
  • Good chip evacuation even with large drilling depths


  • High-performance solid carbide drill for universal application, for all materials up to 1200 N/mm²

Feed Uni

  • Solid carbide high feed drills with 3 cutting edges
  • very good positional accuracy


  • For double the cutting speed
  • Asymetric point geometry permits performance improvement when drilling steel and cast iron by up to 60%

Quattro 4F

  • with additional guide land for best alignment accuracy, concentricity and positional accuracy


  • for inclined surfaces up to 45° and flat bottom holes

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  • solid carbide deep hole drill, up to 50xD without peck drilling
  • 4 or 6 facet head geometry for excellent alignment accuracy




  • first choice for corrosion and acid resistant seels for volume production


  • Solid carbide high performance drill specailly for the machining of aluminium, copper and brass
  • 6 facet geometry for excellent hole quality


  • for cast materials to 250 HB
  • straight flutes


  • Specialist for cost effective machining of Titanium, Titanium Alloys and Heat Resistant Alloys


  • for hardened steels from 45 to 65 HRC
  • tailored carbide cutting edges and flute geometry, special core diameter


  • solid carbide micro drill for the precise manufacture of very small holes from Ø 0.1 to 2.9 mm



  • Replaceable head drills with the performance level of a solid carbide drill, from Ø 12.0 mm to 41.0 mm


  • Sold carbide high performance drill reamer
  • Drill and ream in one operation