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Legendary Performance

Dragonskin – the next generation of coating technology

Dragonskin – the next generation of coating technology

A legend returns ...

The myth and legend of the strength and indestructibility of Dragonskin are as old as mankind. WNT takes the magic power of the next generation of Dragonskin into a new dimension.

The secret of this superiority lies in decades of experience and consistent and continuous development of new and unique coating processes. Above all, and through our innovation and expertise in powder metallurgy, we can achieve an unprecedented level of performance in machining. As with the invulnerability of Dragonskin, the new WNT Dragonskin coating technology offers maximum protection against wear, and has been developed with an almost impenetrable layer for the toughest requirements. Emerging from this is an elegant, satin coating with an extremely hard and indestructible surface that sets new standards.

The perfect combination of ultra modern high performance substrates and novel coating structures allow high cutting speeds and increased process security. Unlimited application possibilities puts everything that has gone before in the shade! A proven – up to 80% – increase in performance with the new Dragonskin coating technology offers a significant competitive advantage.


Impressive, the new coating gave security and very little wear even when turning with extreme cutting conditions.

   Dirk Martin, WNT Product Manager, Turning

Special Layer Structure


Under the new smooth surface is a sequence of layers. The latest coating technology produces a base layer with a higher toughness. In combination with the increased adhesion of the cover layer the total layer thickness was increased.

New Dragonskin Coating
New Dragonskin Coating

User benefits

– increased tool life

– highest process security

– wide application range

Most Advanced Treatment Process

Specific Advantages

– perfect chip evacuation with simultaneous increase in service life

– reduced cutting pressure

– minimal sticking of the chip

– significantly less wear and therefore lower unit costs



Previous Coating Structure
New Dragonskin Coating
New Dragonskin Coating

State of the art treatment technologies produce an extremely smooth surface, which has a positive effect on the contact friction between chip and rake face. The result: reduction in wear while increasing service life.