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The company values are anchored in the thoughts and actions of every employee and have led to Team WNT becoming a committed and successful community. This success is also applied to the sponsorship activities, with the aim also of forming a team which is fueled with the passion and enthusiasm to excel. What is behind these values, can be found here in detail.


We are always ready to accept our customer's perspective, in order to evaluate the benefit of our action from his point of view.

Fighting Spirit

Typical application situations of medium sized companies confront us with new challenges daily. We want a perfect solution, the solution that puts all of our competence and experience to the test.

Spirit of the pioneers

We are always ready to leave well-beaten paths and stay open minded for new approaches in implementing our performance potential.


The personal ambition of each individual to surpass others in performance and success, constantly drives us to higher standards, however it also ensures that we never forget the rules of fair play.


The achievements and outstanding performance of our colleagues gives us the same sense of pride as our own.


Membership in a globally operating group of companies gives us mutual support, respect for each other and pride in belonging to a large family.