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New products for machining technicians

Hard Machining 4.0»

Hard Machining 4.0
New Tools for Hardened Steels 

High-end drilling»

High-end drilling
Dragonskin upgrade takes the performance of WTX Speed and WTX Feed to a new level 

DirectCooling DC-SX»

DirectCooling DC-SX
Targeted cooling of the cutting edge with DirectCooling

The specialist for specialists!»

The specialist for specialists!
Master even the most challenging tasks with the WTX – Ti high-performance drill!

Perfection through upgrades»

Perfection through upgrades
H5G-Z – for 5-axis machining
DSG-4 – for multi-clamping

DPX2245 – The latest Dragonskin innovation»

DPX2245 – The latest Dragonskin innovation
The new high-performance grade for machining stainless and high-alloy steels 

Efficiency in the HSS range»

Efficiency in the HSS range
The new HSS-E-PM UNI drill fills the gap between HSS and solid carbide

Solid carbide milling – always the right choice»

Solid carbide milling – always the right choice
More choice for the optimum process 

BT-FC adapters with face contact»

BT-FC adapters with face contact
Enhanced process security and stability through additional face contact on the machine spindle


Reduced cutting forces thanks to improved cutting geometry 

Turning tools and milling tools with indexable ins»

Turning tools and milling tools with indexable ins
New grades, geometries and chip breakers to increase your productivity! 

Premium performance in tool life»

Premium performance in tool life
The innovative geometry for soft cutting

When time is short!»

When time is short!
The new UltraMini generation with optimized geometry

Pneumatic, magnetic, mechanical, innovative»

Pneumatic, magnetic, mechanical, innovative
PNG - Pneumatic zero point clamping system
MST - Magnetic clamping technology
ESG4 - Single vice

Micro-Boring Head»

Micro-Boring Head
WNT Digital Fine Boring System

Solid carbide Countersinks 90°»

Solid carbide Countersinks 90°
Outstanding Performance by extremely irregular pitch

The Evolution in Trochoidal Milling»

The Evolution in Trochoidal Milling
Circular Line end mills shorten machining times and extend tool life

High pressure chuck, slim 3°»

High pressure chuck, slim 3°
Grow economically rather than shrink

Unique - the 90° shoulder milling system of WNT»

Unique - the 90° shoulder milling system of WNT
90° x 8 cutting edges + Dragonskin = More Power

Vibration damped boring bars with internal coolant»

Vibration damped boring bars with internal coolant
Optimum damping properties through carbide shaft in tool steel shank

Centric Vice ZSG-4»

Centric Vice ZSG-4
High Precision and Process Security