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Roughing at the highest level


In order to meet the requirements of many metal-cutting enterprises for higher feeds and reduced machining times, WNT has upgraded its existing HFC system with a size 19 indexable insert. The new HFC 19 system now enables up to 83% higher cutting depths and feeds that are up to 150% higher.

The new HFC 19 high-feed milling system really lets the chips fly and is the option of choice for maximum chip removal rates and the ultimate in process security. Phenomenal material removal rates that chip fans can only dream of are achieved with a width of cut of ap 3.3 mm and maximum feeds per tooth. Optimum chip evacuation is guaranteed thanks to optimised chip gullets, ensuring robust and safe application. Moreover, cutting forces are exerted primarily in the axial direction, minimising vibration and reducing stress on the spindle, even with long tool overhangs. The new XOLX 19 indexable inserts also feature a patented, rectangular geometry with a large radius and impress with nickel-plated tool holders, high rigidity and soft cutting capability. These permit maximum feeds that redefine the term “roughing”.

Roughing redefined

The outstanding performance of the HFC 19 high-feed milling system has already been demonstrated in a range of application tests. In direct comparison tests, the system from WNT left the best competitor product trailing far behind it: with both systems at a cutting speed of vc 50 m/min, significantly higher values were produced for both feed per tooth (WNT: fz 0.71 mm/competitor: fz 0.25 mm) and cutting depth (WNT ap: 3.3 mm/competitor: ap 3.0 mm) on the HFC 19. The results were just as remarkable: not only did the HFC 19 cut the machining time by close to 60%, but three times the number of components were produced. The HFC 19 high-feed milling system is recommended for manufacturing companies that want to machine large volumes with short lead times.

The face mills are available in diameters from 63-160 mm. The indexable inserts with Dragonskin coating are available with an -F40 chip breaker for machining heat-resistant and stainless steels, and an -M50 chip breaker for machining steel, stainless steels and cast iron.

For further information, call the free service hotline on 0800 921 0000 to speak a WNT machining specialist, or visit the website at www.wnt.com. You can also find a product video for the new HFC 19 high-feed milling system here.