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Reliable Solution for Steering Spool Slotting from WNT


WNT application engineer Abhijit Dalavi found a reliable solution for his customer.

An OEM who is an Expert in hydraulic solutions, specialized in manufacturing of pumps, valves for both mobile and industry solutions was using special solid carbide T-slot cutter for the past several years to machine slots on steering spool Shaft. However due to unreliability of locally made cutters in widths of slots, tool performance was struggling to increase in productivity. This forced the OEM to look for another solution. He approached WNT application engineer to help him to find the perfect solution for his application.

After a close look by our TSE at the existing process, he identified the main cause of the existing problems. The customer was using low power machines for this application, which led several times to a breakage of the cutter bodies. Besides this his tool set time was too high, because the diameters and width of the used cutters vary with each supply. With the help of WNT Headquarters in Kempten/Germany and their expertise and experience in similar applications, we could opt for a specialized insert with special grade and less flutes to reduce load on the component while machining & consider the low torque machine.

Thanks to our standard carbide MiniMill holder and specially engineered inserts we could improve the cycle time by 30% per component along with increases in tool life without any breakage of the holder. With our solution, cost per component was reduced and process reliability increased. Our customer was enthusiastic to save money and is convinced WNT is not only as a tool supplier but also as a solution provider.

Thanks to the standard carbide MiniMill holder and specially engineered inserts from WNT, we were able to improve the cycle time by 30% per component.