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Reliable Solution for drilling 2W – BFB in tough conditions


WNT application engineer Pulak Aggarwal found a reliable solution for his customer.

An auto component manufacturer and renowned supplier for Honda motorcycling components had major issues when drilling Steering Bracket component, he had tried with different local brands, was facing tool breakage problems and high costs per components.

Our TSE could determine that the problem was related to poor chip evacuation. Another issue was that the machine had no coolant connection which made conditions worse for the drilling operation.

WNT TSE recommended his customer our WPC drill, thanks to their special chip flute design, the drilling process is smooth & the chips are now evacuating through flutes in a more secure manner. The tool breakage issue was solved and the drill can operate at higher feed rates therefor increasing productivity. Presently 28 spindles are running with the WNT drills. This is the best proof that the customer was satisfied.