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Hydro energy component machining time reduced


Our customer had to Machine a stainless-steel wicket gate, but was faced with massive productivity issues, tool life on his indexable inserts was too low and his cycle times per component was too long. Desiring to increase productivity and reduce overall costs, he turned to his personal application engineer at WNT.

After an analysis of the application process, our technician first changed the indexable inserts. He chose the grade DPX 2245 with Dragonskin coating, which achieves very good results, especially in the machining of high-alloyed steel materials. By using this grade, the feed rate increased 30% from the existing. Furthermore, there was a 50% higher depth of cuts possible, so that the intervention times per component improved considerably.

Thanks to the Dragonskin coating technology, this grade is also particularly wear-resistant and offers maximum process reliability. By using the new grade and the selected cutting data, we have been able to reduce the cycle times per component by 50% from existing cycle time (50 minutes to 25 minutes). This not only made our customer highly economical and reliable, but also increased his machine capacity.