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Higher performance and reduced wear using the HFC system from WNT


The company Shree Machines specializes in the manufacturing of high precision components. For the machining of straightway valves made of Hastelloy C-276 they had to deal with a number of problems regarding tool life and finally asked WNT for their help. With the support of the cutting tool experts from WNT they not only reduced processing time of the parts but also the manufacturing costs by 23%.

The machining of materials such as Hastelloy is often a great challenge for manufacturing companies. They have to expect long processing times and enormous tool wear which reduces efficiency.

Shree Machines wanted to reduce their processing time, improve their tool life and therefore minimize the manufacturing costs to remain profitable when manufacturing the straightway valves out of Hastelloy C-276. They confronted the experts from WNT with these tasks and they immediately began to work on a strategy.

First they analyzed the existing process and came to the conclusion that the face cutters that had been used so far had a high cutting resistance for Hastelloy but needed low cutting parameters. The tool life was also not optimal.

After several trials the engineers decided to use the HFC system from WNT. By using the high feed cutter they were able to increase the feed rate from 0.9 mm/rev to 5.6 mm/rev and increase the tool life by 50%. With the WNT cutters Shree Machines was able to machine the components 33% faster and reduce their production costs per item by almost a quarter. Due to this positive result Shree Machines announced that they will intensify their work with WNT and use the tools from WNT in their machines.