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Customers from India visit WNT headquarters


Since it was founded over 30 years ago, WNT has developed into a global supplier and service provider for cutting tools for the machining industry. The international reach of the company was once again re-enforced in mid-September when WNT employees and customers from India were invited to visit the company’s headquarters in Kempten, Germany.

WNT started business in India over 3 years ago and has seen healthy growth. This week customers from India were invited to the WNT headquarters in Kempten, Germany for the first time to experience WNT’s culture first hand and discover more about the company. Over the course of 3 days a wide ranging program of events, trainings, and visits was organized to ensure that the guests would have a memorable stay.

After a welcome from Melissa Albeck, Head of International Business Development, it was time to embark on the first highlight of the trip: product training in the WNT Technical Center in Kempten. The WNT Technical Training team presented the newest and most innovative WNT cutting tool solutions available in the Indian market on the DMG Mori machines. On the DMG DMC650V, for example, the double-sided 90° shoulder milling system was demonstrated. This is a product which has already generated a great deal of interest in the Indian market. Additional products demonstrated were the Silverline milling cutter, the WTX-Uni drill and the C-900 high feed drill, which showed impressive performance on the 3-axis machine. Deep hole drilling with the WTX solid carbide deep hole drill was then demonstrated on the 5-axis DMU 75 monoBLOCK machine followed by turning demonstrations on the CTX 450 showing the wide range of uses of the EcoCut system. Following the product presentations the guests were shown the high tech logistics center which ensures the availability and rapid delivery WNT products to its customers.

The Indian guests were then given an opportunity to observe the manufacturing of high quality products from WNT. Visits at two manufacturing sites of the Group illustrated visually the innovative company that is behind the young WNT subsidiary in India. The customers were greatly impressed by what they experienced and returned home even more convinced of the high quality of the products and service offered by WNT.