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n machining applications, coolants are primarily used for cooling, lubrication and chip evacuation. Flood cooling remains the most commonly used procedure. But that said, the best cooling is of no use if the area for machining cannot be accessed. The user is confronted with this problem in particular when grooving and parting off, because the cutting zone is completely blocked off during this procedure; by the chip above, by the cutting insert below and by the workpiece from the side. The DC-SX grooving system from WNT makes this problem a thing of the past since the system is fitted with two precisely positioned internal coolant holes that feed the coolant to the point where it has the greatest effect – at the cutting edge itself. This provides for a universal coolant connection with innovative clamping blocks for use on the internally cooled parting blades on all commercially available machines. And a special feature: WNT’s clamping blocks are the only ones available with a total of three connection options, ensuring maximum flexibility. Moreover, the recesses on the shank are fitted with sealing rings, meaning that the new clamping blocks can be used in square adapters for tools with thro’ coolant from other suppliers, with absolutely no leaks.