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About us

All the employees of 13 WNT sales companies are a perfectly coordinated team, engaged in the supply of high-quality tools, coupled with extensive expertise and excellent service for maximum customer satisfaction. The focus across all countries is on practiced values that are primarily responsible for the success of the company. In addition to the special ability to empathize with the requirements and desires of the customer, a competitive spirit is probably the most pronounced feature of the team. This Fighting Spirit lets employees master and grow beyond their greatest challenge, even if it means to deviate from the accepted norm. This pioneering spirit is typical of the WNT team. In order to achieve maximum benefit for the customer, we will leave traditional paths in favor of new, innovative ways. Team WNT has developed an almost sporting ambition that drives the company enormously. This particular WNT Spirit determines the thinking and acting within the company and is clearly noticeable in every single employee. It is the guarantee for success and Team WNT has formed into an unbeatable unit.