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Individual solutions for tool procurement

WNT Tool Supply 24/7

If you install a Tool-O-Mat it means that we take on all the procurement and stocking costs for you. You have 100% availability of all tools at all times and without expenditure. Machine downtime due to lack of tooling – not with our Service2 possibilities.

Around the process for the procurement of tools it becomes clear on closer examination, that in this area many resources are required. To simplify these complex processes and ultimately to achieve more effective tool procurement, WNT offers the complete supply for machining with innovative, customised solutions to meet your needs. The concept of WNT is that you will always have the right tool available at the right time - essential for your success.

  • Technical Advice
  • Identification of requirements
  • Consignment stock
  • Automatic 24h dispensers
  • Automatic replenishment
  • Itemised reports
  • Cost optimisation
  • Statistics and analysis

WNT Tool Supply 24/7

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