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WNT’s HSS-E-PM UNI drill fills the gap between HSS and solid carbide


WNT has extended its range of high speed steel (HSS) drills with the addition of the HSS-E-PM UNI series of powder metallurgy HSS drills. These new drills are designed to fill the gap between conventional HSS drills and solid carbide, particularly on high-alloy, high-strength steels in medium batch quantities.

The powder metallurgy used in the creation of the HSS-E-PM UNI drills ensures a uniform microstructure, which when combined with the high cutting edge stability and overall drill design featuring relief grinding, leads to enhanced process security. Performances is further enhanced by use of a universal PVD-TiN coating that provides heat and wear resistance in both low- and higher-speed cutting applications. While cutting data is dependent on the component material and the tool set-up, including use of the correct toolholders, typically the HSS-E-PM drills will run at between 10 and 50 m/min surface speed.

The HSS-E-PM UNI series of drills is currently available in a diameter range from 1 mm through to 14 mm, with many incremental steps in between. Each drill is manufacture with a minimum 3xD flute length and depending on diameter up to 5xD. The drills are subject to WNT’s normal stocking criteria, meaning that if ordered before 6:30 pm they will be guaranteed for delivery the next working day, before noon for the majority of UK addresses.

“This gap between conventional HSS drills and solid carbide has now been filled with the HSS-E-PM UNI series, ensuring WNT customers can maximise productivity whatever their drilling application,” says Tony Pennington, UK & Ireland Managing Director.