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WNT milling strategy days


WNT hosted two days of milling strategy days in conjunction with Open Mind and XYZ Machine Tools, at which delegates were introduced to the significant benefits delivered by the combination of cutting tool, software and machine Technology.


Following on from similar events held at the AMRC in Sheffield the WNT milling strategy days focus on the cycle time savings that can be achieved using its 3D Finish series of circular segment cutters, when used with Open Mind’s hyperMILL MAXX CAD CAM software and the latest in five-axis machine tool technology as provided by the XYZ UMC-5X machine.

The seminars consisted of a presentation on the cutters, software and machine before delegates got face-to-face with the live demonstration. This brought home the time savings that can be achieved using this combination of technology, with 90 per cent cycle time reductions on finish milling operations being typical, without any deterioration in surface finish. Of course, customers can balance the need for cycle time reduction of improved surface quality by amending cutting data to suit.

The part being machined in the demonstration was representative of components found across industry and inevitably machined on five-axis machining centres, such as the XYZ UMC-5X. It featured vertical walls and deep pockets requiring good access, something that the milling strategy created by the WNT 3D Finish tools and Hypermill MAXX generates automatically, resulting in tools requiring shorter overhangs. “This series of milling strategy days have proved extremely popular with customers, with many leaving with a fresh approach to their five-axis machining. We will be hosting additional days at the end of February in Blackburn and anyone interesting in attending can register their interest by e-mailing wnt-uk(at)wnt.com