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WNT highlights its aerospace expertise at Advanced Engineering (copy 1)


WNT’s WTX-Ti solid carbide drills are ideal for Heat resistant Super alloys due to their design features

HPC-Ti solid carbide endmills from WNT are delivering reduced cycle times and improved tool life when machining titanium and other alloys

In addition to a display of its extensive range of cutting tools for the general engineering sector, WNT (UK) will take advantage of its attendance at the Advanced Engineering show (stand N22, National Exhibition Centre on the 2nd and 3rd November) to highlight its extensive selection of cutters designed specifically with aerospace in mind, as well as the high level of technical support that it can provide.

The WNT range for the aerospace sector covers the machining of all materials from light alloy, through heat resistant super alloys to composites, with multiple choices available to suit every machining application from roughing through to fine finishing and from drilling, turning and milling with either HSS, solid carbide or indexable insert cutters to choose from. That selection process can be simplified by working alongside WNT’s team of Technical Sales Engineers and the recently formed Applications Sales Team, the latter being available to work on specific projects with customers to maximise productivity, through h best practice and optimum tooling choices.

“Advanced Engineering is the perfect place to meet and discuss the developments in machining. Our industry is constantly evolving and the combination of new cutting tool technology combined with machining advice based on real-life experience is where we feel that WNT can make a difference to the productivity of our customers. The benefits that correctly applied cutting tool technology can bring in terms of reduced cycle times and product quality can play a vital role in businesses improving their bottom line. Innovative cutting tool products, such as the WTX-Ti drills, HPC-Ti indexable insert milling cutters and our composite tooling range can significantly reduce machining costs,” says Glenn Stanton, Sales Manager, WNT (UK).

The WTX–Ti range of solid carbide drills offers some distinct advantages when drilling heat resistant super alloys thanks to a geometry that overcomes the specific issues surrounding these materials aided by its optimised web thinning that creates much shorter swarf. The drill point also has an active centre cutting feature that provides greater centring accuracy as the drill enters the workpiece. These features combined with an extremely stable core maximises feed rates and also generates increased process security and reduces cutting forces. WNT’s HPC-Ti solid carbide endmills deliver reduced cycle times and improved tool life when machining titanium and other alloys, with cutting data increased by as much as 75 per cent in some instances along with extended tool-life, in some cases up to ten-times that of existing cutters.

Solid carbide and PCD cutters for composite materials are also well established within the WNT range with cutters available with, for example, right hand tools with left as well as right hand helix flutes. These will overcome the inherent problems found when machining honeycomb-style composites, where the tool needs to push and pull at the same time to avoid damaging the upper and lower layers of the composite material. WNT’s tools for composite machining also have the advantage of being able to be formed/ground to create the extremely high helix, high top rake, and sharp cutting edge that is required to prevent localised cracking on composite materials. Not only that, but WNT has the ability to ‘fine tune’ carbide grades to best meet the cutting conditions for specific composite materials.

Across the WNT range are a number of indexable insert milling systems that are ideal for high-volume metal removal in light alloys as well as for the machining of more ‘exotic’ materials. The HSV22 range of high speed indexable insert milling cutters available is ideal for facemilling non-ferrous materials. Available as an A style or, monoblock M style cutter with an HSK 63A spindle interface the cutter bodies have a deeply dished face allowing up to 9mm of plunge to be facilitated into the face of a component. They are also capable of ramping at up to 42 degrees and circular mill into solid from 20 mm up to 250 mm diameter, dependent on cutter diameter. Inserts can be carbide or PCD (polycrystaline diamond). The bodies are also precision balanced, allowing cutting speeds up to 24,000 revs/min, with feedrates of up to 0.6 mm/tooth aided by the through tool coolant/air blast that is standard on all cutter bodies.

For the more exotic heat resistant and titanium alloy materials the WNT A2740 facemill is the system of choice. The big benefit of these cutters is their ability to perform on machines with low power outputs, their design requires up to 25 per cent spindle power than conventional facemills. The cutters use inserts with up to eight useable edges, and are coated with WNT’s latest Dragonskin coating, which further aids the reduction of manufacturing costs and drive up productivity, particularly on components such as turbine blades.