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WNT Direct Cooling brings added performance to grooving and parting-off


By ensuring coolant is delivered exactly to the cutting area WNT’s Direct Cooling system for its grooving and parting-off system is helping to deliver performance gains in terms of reduced tool wear and thermal load, which leads to improved process security, allowing users to maximise cutting data and improve productivity.

The system, which is employed on WNT’s ‘blade-type’ toolholders directs the coolant through two holes, one positioned above the cutting edge, the other directly below. The new system is effective across a wide range of coolant pressures and eve at <20 bar pressure the benefits of reduced flank and crater wear are evident, and deliver extended tool life. With higher coolant pressures additional benefits such as greater swarf control also come into effect. The result is that cutting speed can be increased by between 20 and 40 per cent dependant on the available coolant pressure.

“Typically on external machining flood coolant is used, which is fine in most applications. However, in parting and grooving the cutting edge is often shielded by the swarf from above, by the blade and insert from below and the component at either side, dramatically reducing the effectiveness of flood coolant. By directing coolant specifically to the cutting edge from above and below the WNT Direct Cooling blade-system optimises coolant performance with a direct, and positive, impact on productivity,” says Tony Pennington, UK & Ireland Managing Director.

In developing the system WNT has also addressed the issues of delivery of coolant to the blade with the creation of the DC-SX clamping blocks into which the blade sits. The design of the DC-SX blocks allow them to be used with any coolant connection, reducing the requirement for additional pipe connections. Coolant is delivered through the block directly into the clamped side of the blade, ensuring a good seal and also allowing a variety of overhang lengths to be used, without any negative impact on coolant delivery performance.

The Direct Cooling system is available for use with inserts ranging from 2 mm to 6 mm in width, with a choice of carbide grades, either uncoated or with WNT’s legendary Dragonskin coatings, which covers the majority of everyday grooving and parting-off scenarios. This is backed by a variety of blades for both specific and generic applications.