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The next generation of coating technology


WNT's new Dragonskin coating technology offers maximum protection against wear and tear with an impenetrable layer for even the toughest requirements. This results in an extremely hard and indestructible surface in a fine satin finish that is setting new standards. 

The perfect combination of ultra-modern high-performance substrates and an innovative coating structure allows high cutting speeds and increased process safety. The new Dragonskin coating technology gives customers a distinct competitive advantage with its unlimited applications and a proven increase in performance of up to 80% in performance. 

 The HCR 1135 indexable insert is WNT's latest product for steel processing and continues to prove the company's innovative prowess. Designed for use under unstable and difficult conditions, this insert complements WNT's product portfolio. With a focus on materials with high tensile strength, interrupted cut and dry machining, the HCR1135 provides users with the highest levels of process safety and improved economy. The unique combination of the newly developed carbide substrate and a multi-layer CVD coating is setting a new standard for metal cutting. 

– process reliability even in interrupted cuts 
– extreme wear resistance for long service life 
– optimized chip geometry for homogeneous chip flow 

– steel, cast iron and stainless steels 
– forged pieces, carbonised finishes and casting remnants 
– materials with high tensile strength 
– interrupted cuts 
– dry machining