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Team WNT takes first place in the Allgäu Rundfahrt and donates 12,050 € to Doctors without Borders


The team cycled a total of 12,050 kilometres and WNT donated one euro per kilometre to the charity "Doctors without Borders".

Accepting the 1st place Trophy: Claude Sun, Managing Director of WNT (Middle left) und Michael Blank, Marketing Service Manager (Middle Right).

With pleasure riding through the region: Team WNT battles for 1st place and donates 12,050 € to the international aid organization “Doctors without Borders”.

It was a close race but in the end WNT pulled through: With 12,050 cycled kilometres Team WNT has won the 35th Annual Sparkassen Allgäu Rundfahrt (Bike Tour) organized by the RSC Kempten. With a lead of just 215 kilometres over Team Allgäu Strom WNT took the top podium place.

On July 26th the 35th Annual Sparkassen Allgäu Rundfahrt of the RSC Kempten took place with close to 2000 participants turning up for the event. Just like the year before Team WNT mustered an impressive number of cyclists with 192 participants arriving at the starting line tripling their turnout from the previous year. Claude Sun, Managing Director of WNT worldwide, said enthusiastically “We never anticipated such a large turnout of WNT employees for the event. Representatives from our offices in Germany, Italy, England, Spain, Ireland/Scotland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Turkey and Holland all made the trip to Durach to pedal through the region. We also had the support of Team WNT Radhaus from Reutte as well as the Ladies Cycling Team WNT from the UK.”

Claude Sun believes the main motivation for such a large participation is the charitable aspect. Like last year WNT will donate 1 Euro per kilometre cycled to the relief organisation Doctors Without Borders. “Within the company people no longer talked about how many kilometres they would ride but rather about how much money would be raised for the donation” explained Claude Sun who himself cycled the long 135 km road bike tour. “I am really happy for all our employees that their commitment was rewarded with the 1st place, but more importantly I am proud of the 12,050 € donation sum we have raised” said the WNT Managing Director after the award ceremony.

The enormous number of participants reflects the importance of cycling at WNT, explains Claude Sun. “No other sport transports our company values better than cycling. Fighting spirit, teamwork and sportsmanship play a very important role at WNT. Cycling reflects these values extremely well and brings them to life. In addition cycling offers the benefit of keeping people fit and healthy!” It is clear that WNT is a healthy company not just through cycling but also on a business level. The specialist company for metal cutting tools headquartered in Kempten is expanding worldwide and is already present in 18 countries.