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New milling range creates entry point for high performance milling


WNT’s latest four flute solid carbide cutters are ideal for those wanting to develop high performance milling strategies

WNT (UK)’s latest introduction is a new range of four-flute solid carbide milling cutters that create a solution for those companies wanting to develop a high performance milling capability. These new cutters are a result of feedback from customers and bring the benefits of high performance milling to those with shorter batch runs. The arrival of these four-flute solid carbide slot /end mills gives customers an entry point into high performance machining.

The cutters are part of WNT’s Mastertool portfolio which makes use of high volume manufacturing techniques to lower individual cutter prices that, along with new coating technology, means that customers now have a mid-cost solution that allows them to maximise cutting data on a range of milling applications. “Due to the production efficiencies we have across our Mastertool range we have created a perfect opportunity for customers machining smaller batch sizes to benefit from high performance milling. They now have an entry point from which they can develop their milling strategies and improve productivity,” says Tony Pennington, Managing Director, WNT (UK).

Ideally suited to machining steel, stainless steel, heat resistant alloys, light alloys and cast iron components, the new four-flute solid carbide cutters can operate at surface speeds of between 20 and 100 m/min (heat resistant alloys and between 110 and 300 m/min for other materials, with feedrates up to 0.07mm/tooth dependant on cutter diameter and application. A variety of milling strategies can be employed when using these new slot and end mills, including full slot, ramping, shoulder, and helical milling, making them an extremely versatile cutter. Available in nine diameters between 3 mm and 20 mm, with a choice of cutter and flute lengths available as stock, and with WNT’s exceptional logistics support customers can order before 18:30 and receive them the next day before noon.