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Hard machining 4.0


The MonsterMill HCR produces flawless component surfaces and optimal contour accuracy combined with a long service life.

The CCR – H is the latest development of the tried-and-tested trochoidal milling cutter from the WNT CircularLine series and has been specially designed for machining hardened materials up to 70 HRC.

There are two versions of the WTX – H: the solution with thro' coolant, H ≤ 58 HRC, and the hard drilling specialist, ≥ 58 HRC. Thanks to the Dragonskin coating, both of these drills demonstrated the longest service life in competitor comparisons.

The BGF – Type H multitool is a cost-effective, efficient solution for thread production in hardened and difficult-to-machine materials.

World leaders in hardened material applications: new tools for hardened steels from WNT, the competence brand for high-quality cutting tools from the CERATIZIT Group. With the hard machining 4.0 range, the perfect tool solutions for the highly efficient machining of hardened materials are now available for practically every application.

In tool and die production in particular, hard machining is playing an increasingly important role by replacing time-consuming processes such as grinding and eroding. But in other industries too, components still need to be machined after hardening, which presents enormous challenges for drilling and milling tools. As a full-service provider for cutting tools, CERATIZIT has identified the needs of its customers and has created a highly specialised range of tools for all conceivable applications. These tools are the ideal solution for steel machining in the maximum hardness range and guarantee maximum time savings with their strong performance characteristics.

The professional for trochoidal rough machining in hardened material applications: CCR – H

The CCR – H is the latest development of the tried-and-tested trochoidal milling cutter from the WNT CircularLine series and has been specially designed for machining hardened materials up to 70 HRC. This professional tool for trochoidal rough machining has a new type of chip breaker, whose special geometry was designed for hard machining and provides optimum chip removal, guaranteeing process-secure milling without chip jams. The six-edged tool impresses above all because it demonstrates an extremely high material removal rate while still maintaining long service life. The latter is the result of a combination of a fine-grain substrate specifically tailored to hard machining and the latest Dragonskin coating technology DPX62S. The coating is characterised by high hot hardness and oxidation resistance up to 800°C, as well as its optimised coating and surface structure. All of these characteristics make the CCR – H the ultimate tool for situations in which process-secure and highly effective milling of hardened materials is required.

The perfectionist in finish machining: MonsterMill – HCR

For many tool and die production companies, time-consuming eroding has been the only option to date for achieving high-quality surfaces on workpieces with a hardness exceeding 55 HRC. This is now a thing of the past, as WNT offers the perfect alternative in the MonsterMill – HCR. This milling cutter is ideal for finish machining and is the optimal tool for hardnesses of up to 70 HRC. Its stable cutting edge geometry in combination with the polished cutting edge section ensure flawless component surfaces and optimum contour accuracy with long service life. In a direct comparison to the best competitor product, the MonsterMill HCR achieved a 33% longer tool life when machining powder steel hardened to 66 HRC. Despite the higher total tool life, the MonsterMill HCR from WNT had still not reached the end of its service life and could continue in use. The HCR end mill and the HCR radius mill are available with diameters of 0.2 mm – 12 mm as well as with 2 and 4 cutting edges.

The solution with thro' coolant: WTX – H < 58 HRC

The perfect combination of cutting edge geometry, Dragonskin coating and tough carbide substrate make the WTX – H the ideal solution for difficult-to-machine materials. It can also be used for any application in the machining of steels and cast iron. The extremely stable drilling tool with thro' coolant is suitable for hardened materials up to 58 HRC and, with the new titanium aluminium nitride-based monolayer coating, ensures maximum process security and long service life. This was put to the test in a competitor comparison. With 120 holes (diameter 8.00 mm, hole depth: 20 mm) in 1.2379 tool steel (58 HRC), the WTX-H ≤ 58 HRC delivered the best result. The maximum wear was not reached.

The hard drilling specialist: WTX – H ≥ 58 HRC

For drilling even harder materials, WNT recommends the new WTX – H ≥ 58 HRC. Its extremely stable, convex cutting edge and ultra-fine grain substrate specifically tailored to hard machining in combination with the latest Dragonskin coating technology, the WTX – H is the specialist for hard drilling operations. The extremely stable and wear-resistant drilling tool enables the machining of hardened steels up to 70 HRC. The new titanium aluminium nitride-based monolayer coating makes the WTX – H especially heat-resistant and guarantees long service life and maximum process security. In trials using 1.2379 tool steel (62 HRC), the hard drilling specialist demonstrated a 50% longer service life compared to the competitor product, without even reaching the end of its service life.

The multitool for drilling, countersinking and threading: BGF – Type H

The BGF – Type H was developed for thread production on hardened and difficult to machine materials. This tool means users can do away with time-consuming erosion operations when producing a thread in a hardened component. Threads with a depth of up to 2xD can be produced using the precise through-hole and blind hole thread multitool, all with maximum process security. The left-hand cutting tool not only saves a great deal of time that would be required for eroding, it also avoids additional costs that would have resulted from using this process. This makes the BGF – Type H multitool a cost-effective, efficient solution for thread production in hardened and difficult-to-machine materials.

The hard machining 4.0 range from WNT provides a standardised range of tools for the machining of hardened steels. The innovative coating technologies and tool geometries mean that the range is at the cutting edge of technology. Users benefit from long tool service life and high process security. Most importantly, the tools help to increase productivity as tooling solutions for hard machining operations from WNT mean machining processes such as eroding or grinding that are costly in terms of time and money are no longer necessary.

More information and product videos can be found here.