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Exciting new machining products for EMO


Drilling, centring, milling – the MonsterMill PCR UNI from WNT combines three tools in one and, thanks to its four cutting edges, offers maximum perfor-mance and feed rates per tooth of up to 0.137 mm/U.

Or, if you want a little more, WNT’s new high-feed milling system HFC 19 offers cut depths of up to 3.3 mm, redefining the term “roughing”.

Following a four-year break, the world’s premier trade fair for the metalworking sector will once again be opening its doors in Hanover from 18 to 23 September 2017, attracting thousands of visitors from the trade. The WNT stand (Hall 5/B70) is sure to be extremely busy again this year, when the Kempten machining specialist will, at long last, be pre-senting its latest, highly innovative tool solutions. WNT has already announced a couple of the product highlights:

MonsterMill PCR-UNI plunge milling cutter

The MonsterMill PCR Uni plunge milling cutter, unashamedly named the “Divemaster”, is sure to be one of the highlights. Why the MonsterMill PCR Uni is truly a champion among plunge milling cutters quickly becomes clear when you see the tool in use. The PCR is a true all-rounder that achieves high chip removal rates during roughing with four cutting edges and also produces an excellent surface finish as a finishing cutter. The conspicuously quiet running that ensures robust and precise machining processes is achieved thanks to the irregular pitch of the cutting edges and the irregular helix angle. Thanks to its outstanding properties (angled plunging, rapid centring owing to the patented centring tip and vibration-free ramping up to a ramping angle of 45°) the MonsterMill PCR UNI is the ultimate tool for machining steel, stainless steels and cast iron. The high process security afforded by the optimum chip clearance and the significantly shorter machining times – enabled by the high feed rates for HPC milling and drilling – are a key quality feature of the Divemaster.

Roughing at the highest level

The new HFC 19 high-feed milling system really lets the chips fly and is the option of choice for maximum chip removal rates and the ultimate in process security. Phenomenal material removal rates that chip fans can only dream of are achieved with a width of cut of ap 3.3 mm and maximum feeds per tooth. Optimum chip evacuation is guaranteed thanks to optimised chip gullets, ensuring robust and safe application. Moreover, cutting forces are exerted primarily in the axial direction, minimising vibration and reducing stress on the spindle, even with long tool overhangs. The new XOLX 19 indexable inserts also feature a patented, rectangular geometry with a large radius and impress with nickel-plated tool holders, high rigidity and soft cutting capability. These permit maximum feeds that redefine the term “roughing”.

DPX2245 – The latest Dragonskin innovation

The new DPX2245 Dragonskin grade represents an addition to the product range to include high-alloy steels in the P45/M45 ISO ranges. Due to its adapted layer composition and opti-mised microstructure for maximum oxidation resistance, its special layer structure is particularly suitable for dry machining. This makes it ideal primarily for high cutting speeds. Moreover, this new grade offers exhibits outstanding high-temperature characteristics provided by the very latest PVD technology combined with a tried-and-tested high-performance substrate. The DPX2245 fulfils every possible expectation when it comes to process security and reliability, and is impressively tough.

Optimum tool procurement with Tool Supply 24/7

In keeping with this year’s EMO motto, “connecting systems for intelligent production”, WNT will also be presenting its Tool Supply 24/7 solutions at the trade fair. These allow customers to procure tools using a fully automated system. This does away with the long-winded and costly process of identifying requirements, ordering through procurement, receipt of goods and tool storage. WNT manages all these processes from start to finish. At the heart of this solution is the latest generation of the “Tool-O-Mat” automatic tool dispenser system that is set up as part of the machine plant and can be supplied with the most important tools depending on individual requirements. This gives customers immediate access to their standard tools, allowing them to take the product they need from the dispenser system the moment they need to replace it. This form of rapid tool acquisition keeps machine downtime to a minimum, in this way providing a critical competitive advantage. But that's not the only attraction: the dispenser acts a consignment warehouse – in other words, the goods remain the property of WNT until they are dispensed. This means the customer has no procurement and storage costs to pay, and there is no need to worry about ordering tools.

WTX – Ti – The specialist for specialists

Machining difficult-to-cut, tough or heat-resistant materials efficiently and reliably demands a tool that offers maximum performance. The WTX – Ti high-performance drill from WNT has been specially designed for this application range. Thanks to its optimised geometry and surface coating, not only does it meet the most difficult challenges, but it also overcomes them with remarkable productivity. The tool lives achieved with the WTX – Ti in tests involving titanium, Inconel and stainless steels are particularly impressive. Unlike comparable drills supplied by competitors, tool life could be more or less doubled with the WTX – Ti. Both the improved geometry of the flute and core diameter and the innovative Dragonskin High-End double coating system with additional surface treatment are key to this enhanced performance. Besides these properties that improve productivity, the WTX – Ti allows for a very robust drilling process that is achieved by means of the stabilisation chamfer on the cutting edge and excellent chip control.

Full power with exchangeable head: the WTX – Change Feed

WNT has brought together the best features of two established products: the tremendous feed force of the WTX – Feed and the cost-effectiveness of the WTX – Change. The new WTX – Change Feed represents the first three-edged exchangeable head system that will surely inspire all machining technicians with its dynamics, performance and precision under even the most difficult drilling conditions. The WTX – Change Feed achieves feeds 50 – 100% higher than the 2-fluted exchangeable head system, considerably reducing machining times. Like its namesake, the mono tool WTX – Feed, the Change Feed also has a centring chisel edge that ensures maximum position accuracy and angled spot drilling of up to 6°. The Change Feed also provides advantages in terms of cost effectiveness thanks to the exchangeable head. When it wears out, the head simply has to be replaced – keeping procurement costs considerably lower than with a mono tool. Moreover, the WTX – Change Feed is suitable for universal use, boasts a long service life and offers impressive performance from start to finish.

Clamping blocks with coolant connections for DC-SX grooving system

In machining applications, coolants are primarily used for cooling, lubrication and chip evacuation. Flood cooling remains the most commonly used procedure. But that said, the best cooling is of no use if the area for machining cannot be accessed. The user is confronted with this problem in particular when grooving and parting off, because the cutting zone is completely blocked off during this procedure; by the chip above, by the cutting insert below and by the workpiece from the side. The DC-SX grooving system from WNT makes this problem a thing of the past since the system is fitted with two precisely positioned internal coolant holes that feed the coolant to the point where it has the greatest effect – at the cutting edge itself. This provides for a universal coolant connection with innovative clamping blocks for use on the internally cooled parting blades on all commercially available machines. And a special feature: WNT’s clamping blocks are the only ones available with a total of three connection options, ensuring maximum flexibility. Moreover, the recesses on the shank are fitted with sealing rings, meaning that the new clamping blocks can be used in square adapters for tools with thro’ coolant from other suppliers, with absolutely no leaks.

BTFC adapters with face contact

BT-FC adapters from WNT promise maximum process security and improved tool life. This is a double-contact system which establishes contact with the flange in addition to the taper contact, thereby generating an additional face contact. Increased rigidity during machining is one of the main advantages of the BT-FC system. The reason for this is the enhanced support, which increases the flexural strength of the tools. What is known as face contact in conjunction with the Morse taper adapter counteracts deviations, facilitating higher accuracy and optimum surface quality. The face contact also counteracts vibration caused during HSC machining and wear in the taper area of the machine spindle and tool holder, for instance. The face contact thus considerably extends the service life of the machine spindle, tool holder and tool.