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An Innovation that will turn Heads


Easy to use, time saving, a setting accuracy of 0.001 mm in diameter - these are just some of the benefits of the newly developed fine boring system with external digital stick available exclusively from WNT. The cutting tool specialist makes its customers a very special offer: Buy three boring heads and receive a digital stick for free.

Whether digital or analogue - the new digital fine boring system from WNT offers enormous flexibility compared to previous systems as well as an ergonomic benefits. This is made possible an external digital stick, which is easy to use and enables fine adjustments to the settings of the tool. The stick can be attached magnetically to the boring head and the exact adjustment value is shown on the digital display. The precise shift can then be made directly in the normal way either in metric or imperial without the need for a dial gauge or reliance on the head’s vernier scale. The recessed connection point prevents chips and dust from affecting the surface contact. An additional advantage is that the stick can be turned around enabling either left or right-handed operation, with a simple push of a button.

Even the smallest fine boring heads can be adjusted with the new digital system. Since all of the electronics are contained within the stick, any imbalance in the head is removed. What’s more, users only require a single stick to be able to adjust any of the new WNT fine boring heads that they are using, helping to reduce costs. The power is supplied by a conventional AAA battery, which is also located in the digital stick, so adjustments can be made quickly in the μ-range without the requirement of a cable or bluetooth connection. Just one stick can be used for all the heads in this system from 0.3 mm up to 2205.0 mm.

Many WNT customers have already taken advantage of the benefits offered by the newly developed boring heads. Not only are they very robust and resistant to dust and liquids, but they also enable ergonomic working and increased productivity thanks to the Hall technology. In addition, they have the flexibility to be used both digitally and analogue.  A good head that thinks for itself – unbeatable value for money!

Special Offer:  Buy 3 and get a stick for free

If you want to convince yourself of the flexibility and efficiency of the boring heads now is your best chance. WNT has launched a 3 + 1 special offer which includes a free digital stick with the purchase of three boring heads. The cutting tool specialist is pleased to offer its customers a product that not only saves money, but reduces time and increases productivity as well.

More information about these new heads as well as details on the special offer can be found in a brochure as well as on the company website www.wnt.com.