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A New Dimension in Milling!


WNT presents milling grades with the innovative Dragonskin coating.

Better performance, higher productivity, less wear, lower unit costs - these are the exciting keywords which will catch the attention of WNT customers immediately. Thanks to over 90 years of experience in powder metallurgy, the innovative company has succeeded in expanding its unique coating technology to include milling insert grades. The new grades are able to deliver a level of performance in milling that was not achievable before. 


The new milling tools with the Dragonskin coating are characterized by an extremely hard outer surface, which is the result of a special coating structure. The new smoother surface, which is produced using advanced post-treatment technologies, has a positive effect on the contact friction between the chip and the cutting face which simultaneously provides a 
reduction in the cutting pressure. These characteristics, in combination with the greater 
toughness of the carbide substrate, reduce wear on the cutting tool thus increasing the service life considerably. In plain language, this means that inserts with the "dragon skin" can be put into operation for longer than tools that do not have this outer layer. WNT Product Manager Michael Scheffold was more than impressed with the improved service life: "It's amazing how easily our new coating is able to handle extreme milling conditions and with hardly any discernable wear" said the engineer after extensive testing. He highly recommended the new Dragonskin coated products which are now available for all milling systems. Less wear ultimately means a significant improvement in productivity and ensures maximum process stability for the customer.

The higher cutting speeds and a performance increase of up to 80% are not the only advantages of using this product: Despite the many benefits offered by the new milling grades, there is no increase in purchase price.


Completely Reworked Product Range!

In order to meet the ever increasing demands of the market WNT has entirely revised its product range for milling applications for steel, stainless steel and cast iron. Whether for dry machining of steels, the machining of materials with a high tensile strength or difficult to machine cast iron surfaces - WNT customers can now benefit from milling tools upgraded with the Dragonskin coating across a wide expanse of applications. The extreme wear resistance and process reliability of the tools even during interrupted cuts have already convinced many customers who now swear by the new coating technology. Information on the new milling grades is available now in the WNT product brochures. Further details are available at www.wnt.com.