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90 degree shoulder milling will never be the same again!


The new double-sided 90 degree shoulder milling system from WNT maximises productivity by having eight useable cutting edges per insert. The cutter body and insert design also ensures a precise 90 degree cutting profile can be machined. Added to this is the combination of WNT’s Dragonskin coating technology and the use of a unique durable nickel-plated cutter body, which delivers increased productivity, remarkable process security and an attractive price per cutting edge, making make the WNT’s 4910 milling system an absolute must-have for all shoulder milling applications.

The majority of modern machine shops have a regular requirement for square shoulder milling and with the introduction of the new 4910 series of cutters from WNT they now have an option that can maximise a machine tool’s spindle power, while generating a precise 90 degree Shoulder. The 4910 system uses double-sided inserts that have eight useable cutting edges, making it not only highly productive, but also extremely cost-effective. While an excellent price/performance ratio is an attractive proposition, the WNT 4910 system has many other benefits. The precision ground inserts are extremely stable and free-cutting, designed for the toughest requirements and the geometry guarantees a very soft cutting action, ensuring smooth running and minimum strain on machine spindles even at high feed rates. These attributes are most evident when machining thin-walled or unstable components. Also, due to the low power consumption of the 4910 milling system the cutters can be used on less powerful machines.

The use of WNT’s legendary Dragonskin coating on the inserts for the 4910 milling system gives the inserts a distinct advantage over competitor inserts through improved wear resistance and increased cutting performance and process stability. Examples of these performance benefits include a customer machining rough-forged slabs (material 36CrNiMo4) on a DMU 80 Monoblock 43kW machine using the 4910 system for side milling and slot milling. Despite the WNT holder having one insert less than the system he had used to date, both tool life and feed rates were increased, with feed per tooth increased by more than 100% to fz 0.27 (previously: fz 0.13). As a result the metal removal rate increased by an impressive 84% from 105 cm³/min to 193 cm³/min. The increased tool life allowed three components to be machined prior to indexing the inserts, a 50% increase in productivity. In another example machining 1.2312 (40CRrMnMos steel) cutting data of surface speed (Vc) of 150 mm/min, depth of cut (ap) 3.5 mm, federate (fz) of 0.22 mm was applied. After 20 minutes of use there was no sign of insert wear, the component surface finish was perfect and power consumption was only 29%. “Due to the new geometry of the inserts and the irregular pitch, the tool runs very smoothly when in use, which of course prolongs the tool life. Never before has there been a system that enables a precise 90º cut while also having eight usable cutting edges per insert. This makes our system not only unique but also very attractive due to the favorable price per cutting edge”, said Michael Scheffold, WNT’s Product Manager.

The new 4910 double-sided 90 degree shoulder milling system from WNT provides the optimum solution the square shoulder milling. The combination of a precise 90º cutting angle, eight cutting edges, and a stable cutting platform provided by the cuter body, significantly improves cost-effectiveness. The increased performance capability of WNT’s 4910 system through increased cutting data and metal removal rates added to the extended tool life thanks to the Dragonskin coating and cutter body design also significantly reduces machining costs. To discuss your 90 degree shoulder milling requirements with one of WNT’s specialist Technical Sales Engineers call on the freephone number 0800 073 2073. Further information can also be found on the WNT homepage at www.wnt.com