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New for old 

WNT Restart – regrind instead of buying new

Your used precision tool is in the best possible hands with us. We return your tool to you with the original finish, coating and geometry – as good as new and ready for use back in the machine. What is more, you can also enjoy a practically full service life in comparison to new product. Reduce the pressure on your budget by reusing your old tools! Take advantage of this Service² from WNT. 

Brochures and Forms

Service is a priority at WNT – this also applies to the re-processing of used tools

Good to know

Original Grinding

  • Original Geometry

Original Coating

This guarantees that your recycled tools achieve almost 100% of the service life and cutting performance of a new tool again.

Fair and transparent prices

  • No surcharges for cutting off, roughing, etc.
  • Prices shown are valid irrespective of the delivery condition of your tool. If regrind of a tool is uneconomical, the tool will be returned unprocessed.

Your benefits

  • high process reliability by application of identical parameters as for new tools
  • Reduction of your production and tooling costs
  • low tool stockholding thanks to fast service
  • ease of use with the WNT regrind box

Lead Time

Our standard delivery time is 15 working days, starting on receipt of your order. Tools with special geometries or special coatings, which have a different delivery time are indicated accordingly.

Terms and conditions

All tools that have been reground are marked to indicate this. Non-WNT tools received for regrinding are ground according to WNT geometric guidelines.

High performance tools with WNT specific geometries and coatings are in safe hands with us.
Size of the box in mm
300 x 200 x 138

A simple route to your reground tool

Send us your used tools

On request we can provide a regrind box free of charge to be available so your tools can be transported safely.

See below to request a regrind box quickly and free of charge:


The WNT regrind box route

1. You get the WNT regrind box with a regrind delivery note.

2. A quick phone call to the WNT UK number is enough to request the completed order collection.

3. On the same or no later than the next working day, the filled box of regrinds will be picked up by DHL. WNT will cover the cost of transportation.

4. Whilst we take care of the original regrinding of your tools, you automatically get an empty box for your returns.

5. You provide the tools for original regrinding, we provide you with the usual WNT packaging for WNT Tool-Xpress.

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