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New name, new catalouge, new fair presentation


Four experts, countless applications, one range - the new reference catalogue for CERATIZIT cutting tools includes around 60,000 items from the product brands Cutting Solutions by CERATIZIT, KOMET, WNT and KLENK.

As technology leader, the CERATIZIT Group and its Team Cutting Tools is a complete provider for all machining sectors. Its manufacturing expertise makes it the first port of call for customers.

The first High Dynamic Turning chips: CERATIZIT has in numerous tests not only demonstrated long service lives with the new FreeTurn tools, it has also been able to point to very respectable process values. You can see HDT and the FreeTurn tools live on the machine at EMO.

High Dynamic Turning enables several turning applications to be carried out using just one dynamic tool. See it in action for yourself on a turn-mill centre on the CERATIZIT stand. You’ll be impressed!

ToolScope permanently stores the signals generated by the machine. This information is visualised and used to monitor and supervise the machine controller. Special, patented statistical control processes are then employed to depict the condition of the tool and the machine.

Team Cutting Tools from CERATIZIT: a complete provider of machining solutions at EMO 2019

Visitors to EMO will discover that there is a lot going on within the CERATIZIT Group. The recently created Team Cutting Tools will offer even more comprehensive and complete machining solutions that will fulfil every customers’ need. That reason alone fully justifies a visit to stand B70 in Hall 5, but in addition there will be numerous impressive innovations and live product launches.

With the world-leading flagship brands of Cutting Solutions by CERATIZIT, KOMET, WNT and KLENK making up Team Cutting Tools, the machining sector has a genuine complete provider in the shape of the CERATIZIT Group. These famous names, which are known all over the world, focus on what they do best, this being indexable indexable insert tools, hole production, solid carbide and HSS rotating tools, tool/workholding, and aerospace applications, respectively. These highly specialised product brands provide access to the best tooling systems available; Team Cutting Tools is able to deliver the perfect solution for every machining requirement. These machining solutions, over 100,000 items, can be found in the new complete catalogue, which was published in July. Users can also visit the new online shop at cuttingtools.ceratizit.com to view the full range and access the complete programme.

Expert solutions for sectors

Besides having one of the most comprehensive standard portfolios, Team Cutting Tools also offers sector-specific solutions. Visitors to EMO can experience its sector expertise first-hand. Interactive presentation spaces are the perfect platform for showing off core skills in the automotive, aerospace, energy technology and heavy machining sectors. One of the highlights making its world première at the fair: additive manufacturing tools for the machining of E-motors.

HDT - the future of turning

An exhibition wouldn’t be an exhibition fair without innovations. The High Dynamic Turning and FreeTurn tools from CERATIZIT have already won several international awards and will undoubtedly be among the contenders for the most innovative products at EMO. The new CERATIZIT turning process has been the talk of the town since its launch. There’s scarcely a technical journal that’s not published an article about it, scarcely a user who’s not discussed it with colleagues. And it’s not surprising, since the new turning technology offers huge potential for machining companies. With the help of the milling spindle on a multi-tasking turn/mill centre, the 360° rotation clearance angle allows the tool to be positioned at any angle relative to the workpiece. Among the many advantages are higher feedrates and a longer service life, together with shorter tool changing times and fewer tools. All of which sounds fine in theory, but does it actually work in practice? Team Cutting Tools will provide the answer with a live demonstration on a turn-mill centre on the CERATIZIT stand. EMO will also see the unveiling of the first standard range of FreeTurn tools.

Experience Industry 4.0 solutions
CERATIZIT sets course for the digital machining future. A central aspect of this is the ToolScope monitoring and assistance system. The system permanently stores the signals that are generated by the machine during the manufacturing process. This information is visualised and used to monitor and supervise the machine controller. Special, patented statistical control processes are then employed to depict the condition of the tool and the machine. This not only enables targeted wear and fracture monitoring to be carried out, it also greatly reduces manufacturing errors. Visitors to the innovation centre on the stand will also discover the potential offered by the sensory “spike” tool holder from pro-micron and how One Identity can be used to clearly identify tools.

Impressive service

In addition to tool systems, digitisation solutions and innovations, CERATIZIT will also be presenting its service offering, which plays a key role within the company. From project design for customers through to technical training and the 24/7 supply of tools, CERATIZIT offers numerous additional services that companies in the metalworking and processing industries can find out about on the stand.

Be sure to include a visit to CERATIZIT, the solid carbide specialists, on your fair itinerary so you don’t miss these and many other highlights. The entire Team Cutting Tools will be delighted to welcome you to Hall 5, Stand B70.