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S-Cut SC-UNI – The milling cutter for extra long tool life

Strong geometry for soft cutting

The innovative, sophisticated geometry makes the S-Cut SC-Uni a master in its class, putting comparable HPC milling cutters in the shade in terms of quietness and durability. The S-curve of the cutting edges and the extremely irregular pitch counteract process vibrations and prevent chatter on the component. This leads to a higher process stability and improves the surface quality of the workpiece.


             registered for patent

The innovative geometry ensures you benefit from the following advantages:

  • Longer service life  
    Due to the S-shaped cutting edge geometry vibrations are reduced.

  • Enormous process security  
    The extreme irregularity in the pitch of the cutting edges prevents harmonic vibration and keeps processes stable.

  • High profitability
    The innovative geometry permits higher speeds and reduced machining times.

  • Low power consumption  
    Due to the soft cutting capacity machine performance can be fully exploited without exposing the spindle to potential damage.

Beneficial features:

  • Shank with HB clamping flat
    for reliable clamping

  • Universal Application
    The S-Cut SC-Uni defines outstanding performance when machining steel and stainless materials.




S-curve of cutting edge geometry

(3rd degree polynomial) Vibration damping effect from the constant angle change at the point of engagement

Smooth exit of cut through larger angle


Steeper angle at the centre, creating reduced contact surface for lower cutting forces


Soft cutting action due to greater angle