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WTX-Uni drill fulfils the highest demands of industry


The coating of rotating tools with WNT’s innovative Dragonskin coating begins with the WTX-Uni series of solid carbide drills

Since the introduction of the Dragonskin coating for indexable cutting inserts, the advantages of WNT’s innovative coating technology have become apparent, with customer feedback highlighting significant increases in tool life due to less wear and a strong performance. It was a logical step, therefore, to take the next step and also coat rotating tools with Dragonskin technology - the universal WTX-Uni solid carbide drill series is the first recipient.

The development and introduction of the Dragonskin coating technology has enabled unprecedented levels of performance for indexable milling and turning systems and WNT is now applying those benefits to its drilling systems, which are being upgraded with this extremely hard and almost impenetrable surface coating. The WTX-Uni drill is the first to receive this treatment as it is one of the most popular universally applicable drills in the WNT product range. Thanks to this special coating, the WTX-Uni will perform even better and, it can be used at a significantly higher cutting data.

While the visual appearance of the Dragonskin coating with its gold colouration is obvious, it is at the microscopic level where the coating is even more impressive. The combination of the Dragonskin coating, carbide substrate and drill geometry deliver tremendous resilience and high levels of wear protection that allow for elevated cutting speeds and elongated too life, making the WTX-Uni drills ideal for applications where high speed and process security are a priority. As the name implies the WTX-Uni has a wide application range across steel, stainless steel and cast iron components and is available in a diameter range of 3 – 25 mm with three standard shank styles available (HA, HB, HE).