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The Evolution in Trochoidal Milling


Shorter machining times and longer service lives

Trochoidal milling is a milling strategy that uses new CAM programming systems and control cycles to achieve consistent tool engagement and a consistent average chip thickness. As a result, optimum and effective machining processes are guaranteed.



  • Tools with chip breakers for optimum chip removal
  • Universal tool with 5 or 6 flutes for smooth operation and high material removal rate
  • Aluminum tool with 4 flutes for large stepover
  • CCR-UNI available in 3xD and 4xD cutting length/ Cutting depths up to 4xD possible
  • CCR-AL available in 3xD and 4xD cutting lengths/ Cutting depths up to 4xD possible


Features & benefits of trochoidal milling

  • reduced tool wear
  • higher material removal rate than HPC machining possible
  • spindle and machine-friendly
  • suitable for low-power machines
  • suitable for thin-walled components and unstable workpiece clamping